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When I think about Animal wall paper, I think about the first room I decorated for my son as a baby. It had baby elephants, giraffes, and monkeys. It was blue and green in color. On this website I will walk you through for free on how to accomplish the cutest animal wall paper with out actually using full wall paper. As I sit here and work on this website it is 2015 and when I think about wall paper I think old person. But I wanted my sons room to be have animals in it but, he was a baby at the time ( and I didn’t want it to feel like my grandmas house.) So I will let you in on a little secret for free on how to make a room cute using the 2015 version of animal wall paper. ( without using wall paper) Here are some of the ways that I will talk you through in how to accomplish that –

Of course all these ideas will be cost effective because after all we want this to be as close to free as possible. Please click on the link above that you think you will like the best. You might also take a little bit from each idea and come up with your own version. Have fun with what ever you decide to do. All that matters is that you find your animal wall paper for free with out using wall paper at all.
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