If you would to still use wall paper with out making the hole wall super busy. then my suggestions would be to use a boarder type wall paper. I have found many cute boarders with animals on them. But the thing is at the big box stores you will have to order it and then come back in pick it up in about a week. this is because they no longer carry it in the stores. I have found some at the Dollar store, so keep your eyes out and you may find the jack pot there. If you do find some animal boarder wall paper at the dollar store then buy everything that they have because you may not be able to find it ever again. As most Dollar stores carry thing that are discontinued.
The best way to apply the border is to decide where you would like it on the wall. Here are some options – Top, Middle or Bottom. If you choose the middle I would suggest paint ing the top a different color then the bottom and then using the boarder in the middle as the focus. make sure the you measure it out first and use a pencil and a level so that you keep the boarder straight. there is glue that you can get at any big box store that carries home improvement type things. this will help make the process quick and painless.