As I was getting the kids easy for the first day of school. I needed to get the school supplies and the kids needed 2 kinds of glue for each of my kids. This for me thinking about all the different types of glue and the cool things that you could do to make a greatanimal room with out wall paper. My favorite type of glue as an adult is hot glue.
Take any piece of wood or mirror and make it an amazing focal point for your animal room.
I bought my mirror at ikea. It is simple but it’s edges are wavey. I bought my animals and animal foot prints from the dollar store. So this should be a project that you can do for about 15 dollars. You will also need a hot glue gun and stick of glue. Once you have all of your supplies. Let get started!
Take the animal print or paw prints flip it over place the hot glue on the back side and place it on the edges of the mirror or the all over the wood piece. You will need it to be quick so that the glue doesn’t harden. I took a marker and already marked the mirror so I didn’t have to think about where to put them once I put the glue on the back. At the end of this project you will have a mirror that looks like a jungle full of animals. Have fun with this project and let a little bit of you animal instincts out!