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As I was getting the kids easy for the first day of school. I needed to get the school supplies and the kids needed 2 kinds of glue for each of my kids. This for me thinking about all the different types of glue and the cool things that you could do to make a greatanimal room with out wall paper. My favorite type of glue as an adult is hot glue.
Take any piece of wood or mirror and make it an amazing focal point for your animal room.
I bought my mirror at ikea. It is simple but it’s edges are wavey. I bought my animals and animal foot prints from the dollar store. So this should be a project that you can do for about 15 dollars. You will also need a hot glue gun and stick of glue. Once you have all of your supplies. Let get started!
Take the animal print or paw prints flip it over place the hot glue on the back side and place it on the edges of the mirror or the all over the wood piece. You will need it to be quick so that the glue doesn’t harden. I took a marker and already marked the mirror so I didn’t have to think about where to put them once I put the glue on the back. At the end of this project you will have a mirror that looks like a jungle full of animals. Have fun with this project and let a little bit of you animal instincts out!


This may seem odd to some of you but it is one that my mom would do when she had little money left to finish decorating our home growing up. First you will need to find curtains that have animal print on them or go to the fabric store and find fabric that has animal print on it. I can’t sew but my friends that do tell me that curtains are fairly easy. So I am going to trust them and say you can do it! Of course you are thinking of putting these over the window and that is fine but how we would use it my stretch your decorating comfort zone. Nail it right to the wall! You can choose if it falls loose or if it is tight. It is like wall paper with out all the glue and mess. It is simple and it is fast!
So as I said before I don’t sew so I have taken this concept a step further – I now will also use shower curtains. So find a shoer curtain with animals on it or animal print. This can also be used as a room divider if you are having kids share a room. If you put it on the wall you can use a shower poll or just nail it to the wall. my advice for all of these ideas is to only do this for one wall as it might get too busy. Have fun with your new and improved animal wall paper.


This is my favorite option Paint! You can paint the free animal wall paper. I love to draw and people tell me that I am not half bad at it either. So if you are hiding this talent then by all means this is your moment to shine. All you are going to need is your imagination and lots of paint. You can draw a jungle scene or a train with the animals hanging out of it.
You may be reading this and saying to your self I can’t do this  – well for those of you that fall into this category I have an idea for you. my mom use to do this when I was a kid. She would take a projector and project on the wall what ver she wanted to draw. First you need to pick your animal scene or just the animals that you want on the wall cast it on the wall from the projector and follow the out line. My 2 suggestions for this is to tape the picture to the projector or to make sure the projector is super secure. You don’t want to paint your animals thinking that it is level and it is not. the other suggestion that I have is to first outline in pencil then sharpie and last is the paint. It is kind of like the idea of measure twice but once. I hope that you give this a try. Your free animal wall paper will be custom done you!


If you would to still use wall paper with out making the hole wall super busy. then my suggestions would be to use a boarder type wall paper. I have found many cute boarders with animals on them. But the thing is at the big box stores you will have to order it and then come back in pick it up in about a week. this is because they no longer carry it in the stores. I have found some at the Dollar store, so keep your eyes out and you may find the jack pot there. If you do find some animal boarder wall paper at the dollar store then buy everything that they have because you may not be able to find it ever again. As most Dollar stores carry thing that are discontinued.
The best way to apply the border is to decide where you would like it on the wall. Here are some options – Top, Middle or Bottom. If you choose the middle I would suggest paint ing the top a different color then the bottom and then using the boarder in the middle as the focus. make sure the you measure it out first and use a pencil and a level so that you keep the boarder straight. there is glue that you can get at any big box store that carries home improvement type things. this will help make the process quick and painless.


The best way to stencil is find 3 or 4 animal stencils that you love. They will need to be big enough that you can see them from across the room. I would say about 12” X 12”. Once you have found the stencils then you need to decide on the colors of the room. here are your choices. you can pick 2 colors if you  are doing 4 stencils and then make 2 animals the same color and the other two animals the other color. But my favorite way to do this is picking 3 animal and choosing 3 different shades of the same color. this should not cost a lot as I have even seen stencils at the dollar store at time and then it is 3 quarts of paint.
The next big decision is to decide where the stencils are going to look best in the room. You could choose over the bed, around the room, or at the top of the wall. When I did this for my sons room I choose at the exact middle of his room ( where a chair rail would go.)  My idea was to give it some color and go with the theme of his bedding with out is being over whelming. There are a couple steps to making sure that this will turn out great –
Step #1 Start under the light switch
Step #2 Tape the stencil #1 in place and then #2 and 3 following
Step #3 Use a paint brush that is like a sponge
Step #4 Don’t use to much paint
Step #5 Take off the stencil before is dries all the way
Step #6 Repeat
This should get you pointed in the right direction for making your free animal wall paper – (With out the wall paper)