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This may seem odd to some of you but it is one that my mom would do when she had little money left to finish decorating our home growing up. First you will need to find curtains that have animal print on them or go to the fabric store and find fabric that has animal print on it. I can’t sew but my friends that do tell me that curtains are fairly easy. So I am going to trust them and say you can do it! Of course you are thinking of putting these over the window and that is fine but how we would use it my stretch your decorating comfort zone. Nail it right to the wall! You can choose if it falls loose or if it is tight. It is like wall paper with out all the glue and mess. It is simple and it is fast!
So as I said before I don’t sew so I have taken this concept a step further – I now will also use shower curtains. So find a shoer curtain with animals on it or animal print. This can also be used as a room divider if you are having kids share a room. If you put it on the wall you can use a shower poll or just nail it to the wall. my advice for all of these ideas is to only do this for one wall as it might get too busy. Have fun with your new and improved animal wall paper.