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This is my favorite option Paint! You can paint the free animal wall paper. I love to draw and people tell me that I am not half bad at it either. So if you are hiding this talent then by all means this is your moment to shine. All you are going to need is your imagination and lots of paint. You can draw a jungle scene or a train with the animals hanging out of it.
You may be reading this and saying to your self I can’t do this  – well for those of you that fall into this category I have an idea for you. my mom use to do this when I was a kid. She would take a projector and project on the wall what ver she wanted to draw. First you need to pick your animal scene or just the animals that you want on the wall cast it on the wall from the projector and follow the out line. My 2 suggestions for this is to tape the picture to the projector or to make sure the projector is super secure. You don’t want to paint your animals thinking that it is level and it is not. the other suggestion that I have is to first outline in pencil then sharpie and last is the paint. It is kind of like the idea of measure twice but once. I hope that you give this a try. Your free animal wall paper will be custom done you!